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Get your first pocket-sized non-fiction book published in just 30 minutes per day.

**course content released from July 3rd to August 14th

Another year has passed, the book with your name on it, is still not on the shelf.

Writing and publishing a book can feel like eating a whole elephant at once. Too much to swallow, even with a big appetite.

Then this stomach sickening feeling: not being qualified or expert enough, not a good enough or too slow writer, fear of criticism or bad reviews. 

All of that makes publishing a book feel close to impossible - something only reserved for the particularly gifted writers.

Whether you're total newbie, started a book but got stuck, or already got a book out there, one thing is for sure:

The longer you postpone publishing your first or next book, the more miserable you feel.

"Writing a Book" Just Does Not Fit Into Your Schedule

You really, really want to publish your own book. Perhaps since you were a child. You might even enjoy writing.

But, there seem to be more urgent, important and profitable tasks on your to-do list each day. Your job or business eats up most of your weekdays.

The mornings are reserved for getting yourself and/or kids ready, catching up on the News, emails or social media, meditation, Yoga or other self-care rituals.

The after work hours are booked out by hobbies, workouts, friends, family, chores, favorite TV shows or your body calling it a day.

There's simply no space in your calendar for "writing a book".

write ONCE, inspire FOREVER

Welcome to your new publishing model.

Your book is more than a collection of words. It's a monument to your perspective and ideas that will inspire others for years to come.

It's the answer to: how do I make a meaningful impact?

It's time to publish a book without overloading yourself.

Take advantage of the growing demand in our fast-paced world for pocket-sized non-fiction books.

Enjoy the benefits of sharing your ideas in the book format today's readers crave:

Easier to start and faster to finish. Pocket-sized non-fiction books have 40 to 80 pages. Although "short" they are considered "real" books. You are able to outline, write, edit, format and publish your book more rapidly without the risk of losing motivation.

More people read your book cover to cover. Many are frustrated with thick non-fiction books they can't finish. They love pocket-sized books they can read in one sitting, a day, or a weekend. You more likely win lifelong fans, when they read every page of your book.

More attractive to today's readers. Many prefer shorter books that fit neatly into their busy lives, bags, purses, pockets. Perfect for commutes or small breaks during the day. They want the key points fast, without wasting time with useless or redundant "filler" content.

The demand for pocket-sized books is so strong, Amazon created a new category called "short reads."

This captures a huge untapped market: The 80% of people that never read a book, but would, if they were shorter.

Thus, you're able to reach a wider audience, and people might pick your book over the more popular ones.

If you want to finally conquer the challenge of finding time to write a book...

If you want to navigate the self-publishing process without feeling lost...

If you want to help more people and build a legacy...

It starts with your first non-fiction book.

It's not about strategies to battle lack of motivation or discipline that only burn you out. It's about setting up a writing routine that fits into your life. It's about following a streamlined publishing process that feels as easy to stick with as your favorite hobby or TV series.

Before tech headaches and overwhelm of all the things you have to do overtakes you, here’s the secret to uncomplicating your book publishing.

it's all about implementation

Yes, your desire to write a book is important.

But what's vital? The Implementation. Without it, your book dream is at risk to become a sad memory of "things you wanted to do, but never did."

The only way to publish your book when it feels "too much"?


And that’s what this course gives you.

An easy-to-follow, step-by-step program to help people write and publish their first non-fiction book in just 30 minutes per day

**course content released from July 3rd to August 14th

The 30-Minute Author gives you a tried and tested framework for writing and publishing a non-fiction book, regardless of your tech or writing skills. You’ll get access to the streamlined system I’ve used to publish my own book. Zero guesswork required.

The 30-Minute Author is designed to shortcut your book writing and publishing process, which is why I’ve included templates, A.I. prompts and other resources. You don’t have to start from scratch. 

The 30-Minute Author supports you every step of the way. You'll get 90 days of unlimited tech support from me and my team (via email & videos replies). With our support, publishing your book is inevitable.

Welcome to your click-by-click, step-by-step, absolute beginner-friendly framework to put your ideas into a non-fiction book and get it published.

When you start publishing books, here’s what happens:

You get seen as expert. Whether it's your primary motivation or not, publishing a book gives you instant credibility and authority. This can help you advance your career or business more quickly.

You help more people for no extra effort. Once published, your book provides helpful perspectives, ideas, or advice to people for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - without you needing to invest any extra time.

You feel happier. Finally, the joy of holding a book with your name in your hands. A deeply satisfying feeling to know you created something that may be read by future generations in 100's or even 1,000's of years.

we got you covered

  • Get instant access to 6 modules to help you write and publish your first or next non-fiction book. Unlimited access.
  • Click-by-click, easy to follow, beginner-friendly video tutorials for every single step.
  • Templates, AI prompts & examples to remove guesswork and speed up your book creation process.
  • 90 days of support. No question is off limits. From book ideas, to writing, to tech, to publishing - I'm just one email away.
  • Plus, all these amazing bonuses!

the modules

Modul 1: Discover the Book Idea That's Just Right For You

Uncover the perfect book idea that is easiest and most enjoyable for you to write and publish.

Modul 2: Write Your Book in Less Time, Even As a Slow Writer

Learn my proven tactics to wave goodbye to writer's block and turn your writing sessions into highly productive and satisfying experiences.

Modul 3: Superfast Editing and formatting of your manuscript

Transform your manuscript into a polished, ready-to-publish book. It's called superfast editing because it’s mostly done-for-you thanks to our A.I. prompts and click-by-click fast-formatting tutorials.

Modul 4: Create Your Eye-Catching Book Cover, Even As Beginner

Design a stunning book cover that captures your readers' attention, even if you're a design novice. 

Modul 5: Publish Your Book On Amazon With Maximum Visibility

Follow our step-by-step guide to successfully publish your book on Amazon, walking you through each stage without tech headaches.

Modul 6: Promote Your Book & Build Your Own Author Platform

Now that your book is published, it's time to attract readers and establish your own author platform. You'll learn to use Amazon's book promotion strategies and build your own audience eager to buy your future books.

+ Bonus #1

The Ultimate Book Launch Planer

A comprehensive, organized planner to keep track of all tasks and create a flexible and easy-to-stick with schedule for your book writing and publishing process.

+ Bonus #2

Time-Saving Author Templates

This collection of time-saving non-fiction author templates helps you create a polished book, build a captivating book website, and design eye-catching book promotion graphics in record time. This includes a pre-formatted book template to ensure your manuscript looks professional and well-organized.

+ Bonus #3

My Exact ChatGPT Prompts

"ChatGPT" is a free-to-use online tool based on artificial intelligence that can save you a tremendous amount of time during your writing and publishing process.

You'll receive a list of exact ChatGPT commands that I use to brainstorm attractive book ideas and titles, outlines, speed up writing, editing and publishing my book.

**course content released from July 3rd to August 14th

Hey, it's Fabian. I wrote this book in a month.

I see so many people that really want to publish a book, but put it off because it feels too much right now. It takes too much time. Too much effort. Too much will power.

And that is true. If you write a book from scratch totally on your own.

My first book was an 8-month struggle. My 4th book was 1 month of ease, play and joy.

It’s why I created the 30-Minute Author, to provide the simplest, and easiest way to get your book written and published, regardless of how busy or lazy you think you are.

You get easy-to-follow, click-by-click tutorials. Plus, templates and A.I. ("artificial intelligence") prompts that do some work for you, while leaving enough room for your own creativity.

Once you’ve gone through this streamlined process to write and publish your book, you can repeat it, create book after book that can build up some passive income, raise your chances to be discovered by your readers, and fill up their shelf with your books.

It's why you get lifetime access to the course.

wondering if this is for you?

Check off these and know results are inevitable:

  • You enjoy writing and really want to publish your first non-fiction book
  • You're ready to minimize time and effort to get your book finished (hello, templates and AI prompts!)
  • You're want clear, bite-sized instructions for the entire self-publishing process
  • You want to publish a non-fiction book
  • You 100% want to hold a book with your name in your hands

If you've nodded your head when reading the list above, then the 30 Minute Author course is 100% for you.

All I can say is this:

The 30 Minute Author course helps aspiring authors like you to write and publish a non-fiction book in 30 minutes a day.

It's time to stop postponing your dream to become an author regardless of how busy your schedule is.

Select your favorite payment option Now:

  • Instant and unlimited access to the 30 Minute Author content
  • Templates & AI prompts to create books faster
  • 90 days of tech support
  • BONUS #1: Ultimate Book Launch Planer
  • BONUS #2: Time-Saving Author Templates
  • BONUS #3: My Exact ChatGPT Prompts
  • Instant and unlimited access to the 30 Minute Author content
  • Templates & AI prompts to create books faster
  • 90 days of tech support
  • BONUS #1: Ultimate Book Launch Planer
  • BONUS #2: Time-Saving Author Templates
  • BONUS #3: My Exact ChatGPT Prompts

*Save an additional $91 when you choose the pay in full option over the payment plan

**Please note: all sales are final. Only enroll if you're ready to go all in! Course content released from July 3rd to August 14th

Frequently asked questions:

Do I get immediate access to all content?

No, not immediately. After successful payment, you will receive an email with access/login for the 30 Minute Author online course area.

There, from July 3rd to August 14th, the content will be released gradually.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have unlimited access to all course content once it has been published.

The content will be automatically made available to you gradually from July 3rd to August 14th.

Your access also includes all future updates and improvements.

"Unlimited" means as long as we offer 30 Minute Author. If I ever decide to close the course forever, you can download all content/templates first.

Do I need any prior writing experience?

If you ever wrote an email, you have enough writing experience to write and self-publish your first nonfiction book with this process.

I'm not a native English speaker. In fact, I nearly failed classes in school because of the poor grades I got for some of my essays. Yet, here I am with 4 published books with my name on the cover.

I don't have enough time to write a book?

The course is designed to help you write and publish your book in just 30 minutes per day. 

You'll get templates, A.I. prompts and click-by-click tutorials that will save you dozens of hours.

You can even begin with just 15 minutes per day if committing to "30 minutes" seems overwhelming at the moment.

With this course, "not enough time" ceases to be a valid reason for delaying the writing and publishing of your book.

What if I don't have a book idea yet?

Don't worry! The course includes guidance on brainstorming and refining your book idea, even if right now, you have absolutely no idea what your book could be about.

You'll discover that there are plenty of easy-to-write book ideas right under your nose.

What if I struggle with writer's block?

The course provides techniques to overcome writer's block and maintain a consistent writing flow.

By following the step-by-step process, you'll develop quick-fix-strategies to avoid getting stuck and keep your momentum going until your book is published.

How much time do I need to commit to this course daily?

The course is designed to help you write and publish your book in just 30 minutes per day. It's perfect for those with busy schedules or who feel overwhelmed by the idea of writing a book.

You can even get started for as little as 15 minutes per day, if "30 minutes" feels too much right now.

With this course, "not enough time" is no longer a valid excuse for postponing writing and publishing your book.

Can I really write a quality book in 30 min per day?

Absolutely! By breaking down the writing process into bite-sized daily tasks, you'll make consistent progress towards completing your book.

The course provides templates, A.I. writing prompts and strategies to maximize your writing productivity during these short sessions.

Is the course "live" or pre-recorded?

All content is pre-recorded. So, there are no "live" dates that you have to attend. You can go through all the content whenever you have time.

From July 3rd to August 14th, the content will be released gradually.

Do I need to invest in any additional tools?

The tools and software that will accelerate your author journey and self-publishing process, are all free to use. There are no extra costs involved for using these tools.


How much support do I get?

You get 90 days of tech support from me via email & videos. With this support, getting your book published is inevitable.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

I am convinced of the quality of this course and want you to be satisfied with it. That's why I offer a conditional money-back guarantee.

To claim this, you must have completed all tasks and implementation steps from Module 1, Module 2, and Module 3.

If you have done that and are still not satisfied, send us an email within 60 days of purchase to with proof (screenshots, etc.) of your implementation steps and the reason for your dissatisfaction.

I will look at your concern, and if I see that you have really implemented the course content, I will refund you the full purchase price.

I want to make sure you achieve the best possible results, and that includes actively participating in the course and putting the content into practice ;)

Can I join at a later date?

The offer on this page is only valid until June 25th, 2023. Yes, you can join later, but I cannot guarantee that you will get 30 Minute Author at this price afterward.


Got more questions?

I'm happy to answer any questions you might still have, so you can decide if this course is right for you!

Email me at

Okay, I'm ready! How can I join?

The information and resources provided in the course are for informational and educational purposes only. Each course participant is responsible for applying the learned methods and strategies to their own situation and business. Actual results may vary and depend on many factors, including personal skills, commitment, market conditions, and other circumstances. Therefore, we cannot assume any guarantee or make promises that the application of the knowledge conveyed in this course will lead to specific results or successes.

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