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300+ Ready-To-Use and Unique Book Ideas to Jumpstart Your First (or Next) Non-Fiction Book

Look at 300+ book ideas organized in the most popular non-fiction categories. Pick the idea that interests you the most. Use the brief writing instructions under each book idea to instantly get started. Suitable for short books that can be written in 30–60 days, even for non-experts.

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If you want to

  • Publish your first (or next) non-fiction book, fulfilling a dream, and gaining instant credibility and authority.
  • Write concise books (60-80 pages or less) that can be published in 30-60 days without extensive research.
  • Influence the world or people's lives with your book, leave a legacy, or savor the joy of holding a book with your name on the cover.

If you don't want to

  • Struggle with a complex book idea that takes forever to get published due to extensive research and years of expertise needed.
  • Spend weeks or months trying to come up with a good book idea and eventually give up or settle for a boring book idea.
  • Find yourself in the same spot next year, with your first or next book still unpublished because you're waiting for that 'perfect' idea.

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  • 300+ ready-to-use and unique non-fiction book ideas spread across the most sought-after book categories.
  • Ideas for short books to be completed in 30-60 days, requiring little to no prior research or expertise.
  • Compelling book titles and writing tips for each book idea
  • Search keywords for Amazon to raise the chances for your book being discovered by ideal readers
  • An extensive 159-page PDF document
  • It's likely you find "the idea" for your first or next book today, and be writing your first chapter by tomorrow!
  • BONUS: Editable Book Promo Templates

Instant Access. Secure Checkout. 7-Day Money-Back-Guarantee

Created On Proven Strategies by a Four-Time Published Author

The first non-fiction book took Fabian over 6 months to finish. His fourth one, took only 42 days - from idea to published book. He considers himself to be a "slow writer" and while English is his favorite language, it's not his native one.

His author journey is not about instant success, but about discovering his joy for the process and the thrill of seeing his ideas come alive.

He found a unique advantage in writing shorter, concise books, as they are less intimidating and quicker to publish. Plus, they are more in demand by today's busy readers.  

It's this approach that inspired "300+ Ready-to-Use and Unique Book Ideas", designed to shortcut your author journey and accelerate your book publishing dream.

Ready to bypass the struggle of idea generation and start your jumpstart your first or next non-fiction book?