A Practical Guide to Slay Self-Doubt + Fear As Aspiring Author

You feel a strong desire to write your first or next book, but you haven’t started yet? 

Or, you started, but then stopped, and now the unfinished book collects digital dust?

Discover how to go from self-doubt to writing and self-publishing your first or next book.

(even when you have no good book ideas and feel like a fraud)


Here’s why you're not working on your book, even though you would love to:

• You believe your book idea is bad and not in demand

• You think you’re not qualified to write about that topic

• You are afraid that nobody will like your book

• You don’t want to get associated with what you write

• You think working on the book is waste of time and money

• You assume the publishing process is too costly and hard

• You think you need a detailed outline before you can start

• You are a slow writer and think what you write isn’t that good

• And, you might be afraid that nobody will ready your book

If you feel like any of the above is true, this book helps you overcome your obstacles and take the next step in your writing journey.

Hi, I'm Fabian. I waited 500 days to publish my next book, due to self-doubt.

If you really desire to write and publish your first or next book, then this will be the most helpful book you read this year!

(Especially if you've already tried all the books and courses on self-publishing or writing out there, and are still stuck!)

Here's why:

I'm going to reveal to you all the blocks that held me back from publishing my next book, and how I got past each of them.

It's likely that my approach is something you have not seen anywhere else. It could be the missing link to get your book from your head into your hand and out into the world. 

It’s not a typical “How-To Guide” about self-publishing or writing. You’ve probably already read some of those. Yet, you’re still stuck with your book.

This book is a direct account of my own journey, and how I overcame these common fears and doubts that many aspiring authors face.

It includes practical (yet unconventional) advice and strategies for overcoming writer’s block, writing and publishing your first or next book.

This a must-read for anyone that would love to finish and self-publish their first or next book, with ease and joy.

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