Generate 100 proven email ideas in 2 minutes with ChatGPT

1) Copy the following text into ChatGPT (do not click "Enter" yet!)

2) Adjust the [PLACEHOLDER]

2.1) Fill in the placeholder [WHAT YOU WANT TO TALK ABOUT, PROVIDE SOME INFO ABOUT YOUR TOPIC, NICHE, TARGET GROUP, OFFER] as specifically as possible.


Instead of writing:

"I sell offers in the area of copywriting and email marketing"


"I create and sell digital products in the areas of copywriting, sales pages, email marketing, email list building, and Facebook Lead Ads. My target audience is 80% coaches and course providers. Recently, I have also used AI tools like ChatGPT to make my email creation process much more efficient. I am good at writing persuasive texts."

Now imagine you can create that fast and easily the entire text for effective emails with ChatGPT...

And the best part? You don't need to be a talented writer.

With the specially developed ChatGPT prompts, you can create interesting sales emails (that don't annoy your contacts) in a short time that deliver results.

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