My Journey into A.I.-Accelerated Self-Publishing

Join me in exploring ways to make writing and publishing non-fiction books faster, easier, and more enjoyable with artificial intelligence while keeping my authentic voice.

Each week, I share what I learn in a bite-sized format.


How do I get my book started (and done) faster, easier?

300+ Non-Fiction Book Ideas

Pick the book idea that interests you the most. Use the brief writing instructions under each book idea to instantly get started. Suitable for short books that can be written in 30–60 days, even for non-experts.

Slay Self-Doubt & Writers' Block

These cards can be printed out, so you have them ready on your desk for your writing sessions. When you feel stuck, pick few cards, read them, and be right back on track, and be moving through your book more smoothly.

the books

Explore Your Interests

31 Questions that Reveal Your Hidden Interests and Help You Find What You Love to Do

For you if: You want to discover your passions to make a career change or start a business, want your work to be more fulfilling and exciting. Or, you just want to enjoy your daily life more.

Go From Self-Doubt to Writing And Self-Publishing a Book (When You Have No Good Ideas And Feel Like a Fraud)

For you if: You feel a strong desire to write your first or next book, but you haven’t started yet. Or, you started, but then stopped, and now the unfinished book collects digital dust.

about me

How I Write & Publish Non-Fiction Books in 30-60 Min/Day

Fabian is an author with a passion for creating and witnessing his ideas come alive in the form of a book. 

His goal is simple: write and publish all the book ideas that come his way in the 30-60 Minutes he got reserved for that passion each morning.

As a self-proclaimed "slow writer", and with English as his second language, Fabian has found his unique joy in writing shorter books. They are less intimidating to write, quicker to publish, and more appealing to today's busy readers.

Recently, Fabian has begun incorporating AI into his writing process. From editing and researching to addressing challenging topics, AI tools like ChatGPT have presented exciting new possibilities to enhance and accelerate the self-publishing process.

My Journey into A.I.-Accelerated Self-Publishing

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Each week, I share what I learn in a bite-sized format.