Part 1: Create high-converting sales emails with ChatGPT in minutes

1) Copy the following text into ChatGPT (do not click "Enter" yet!)

2) Adjust the [PLACEHOLDER]

2.1) Specify what you want to achieve with the email SALES/SIGN-UPS/APPOINTMENTS and what type of offer you have COACHING/ONLINE COURSE/WEBINAR

Enter specific topics about which you can speak based on your experience, results, etc. Also provide some details about your target audience, your offers, etc.

2.2) Answer ChatGPT's question about the topic of your offer and the email


Webinar topic:

How I gain 5-10 new potential clients daily, almost automatically
Without constantly posting new blogs, videos, etc., without being active on social media all the time, and without having to worry about advertising expenses.

Email topic:

I only had 30 minutes in 3 months to focus on gaining new contacts. But still, I managed to gain almost 1,000 new contacts.

3.1) Copy a successful email example into ChatGPT (sample here!)

Now, you copy an example email into ChatGPT (find more no-pressure sales emails examples here):

Subject: When 30-Min emails sell more than 2-hour emails

Hello NAME,

You spend hours crafting a carefully worded email…

…and then hardly any reaction.

Then you hastily write something together, send it off, and…BOOM!

Sales rate goes through the roof.

Why does this happen?

Well, it's not what you might think.

It's not the subject line.

It's also not the quality of the email text or its length.

That was similar in both my emails.

There's something else at play.

Something I call the "Invisible Element."

You have it too.

But, it's not apparent at first glance.

Without this invisible element, you collapse into a shapeless mass.

It's your “structure,” your skeleton.

It's invisible, hidden under skin and muscles.

But, it gives us shape, carries our weight, allows us to stand upright.

It's the same with emails.

You can tell the most captivating story, provide the most convincing arguments…

…but without a solid structure, your message will collapse in on itself.

With the right structure?

A minute-long email can sell more than the one you've polished for hours.

I've put together a collection of my 52 best email structures for you.

Write successful emails in minutes instead of hours

Good luck with it,

>>I put my best emails into ChatGPT prompts for you here

3.2) Generate 3 successful emails (only use after Step 1+2)

4) Prompt: Eliminate inconsistencies in the email text

5) Prompt: Generate list of specific audience problems

6) Prompt: Generate list of specific outcomes desired by audience

7) Prompt: Generate list of specific obstacles audience has

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